Coffee shops and Social Media

The future of coffee houses is getting brighter and brighter in the U.S. There are more consumers who are interested in drinking coffee daily. There are more than 20,000 coffee shops in the U.S with annual revenue of $10 billion. The coffee market is crowded with competitions between corporate brands and private brands. Unlike the old day when coffee shops were marketed traditionally, which the main distribution channels were pamphlet, brochure and leaflet, the current coffee shops target their audience by social media. Social media is a useful tool for the coffee house owners to get to know their customers, position their products and differentiate their brands.

There are many popular social platforms to get in touch with the customers such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest.

Facebook: currently is the most used by people all over the world. There are always potential customers on this social network. The level interaction between business and customer is high. Business can publish product information and generate conversation as well as feedback from the customers. Recently, Facebook has many updates for advertising such as “Promote” function, “Create Page”, “Create Ads

Twitter: one of the easiest way to let your message heard is to post it in Twitter. A great way to generate more views is to put on hashtag (#) and find a great influencer. You can also work up to be an influencer in the internet as well.

YouTube: It is the largest video sharing site as of today.

Pinterest: With tangible products like the coffee house, Pinterest is a place where business display the best picture of the product they have. 


Customer Experience Marketing – Starbucks

Nowadays, almost all coffee lovers drink or heard of Starbucks. Starbucks is one of the most successful coffee chain in the world. It has more than 23 thousand stores in 64 countries, with 13 thousand in the U.S, 2 thousand in China, 1,500 stores in Canada, 1,000 stores in Japan and over 900 in United Kingdom. The success of Starbucks is undeniable. The company’s net-worth is multi-million. Like Starbucks’s CEO said “Everything Starbucks touch becomes gold”. Yet, the success of Starbucks does not come in one day. It is the result of creativity, hard-work, and strong desire which will inspire and motivate the next generation to look up and become more successful.


The beauty of Starbucks comes from customer experience enhancement. People do not come to Starbucks to drink a cup of coffee. Instead, they want to experience the environment, the service and the time spent in the store. It is obvious that the quality of coffee is of importance. However, the leverage that separate the brand image of Starbucks to other existing coffee companies is Customer Experience Marketing (CEM).

In Starbucks, CEM contributes a huge impact on the success of Starbucks. Nowadays, there are a lot of stores that resemble Starbucks. They have been trying to copy and paste the style that Starbucks has, the environment and the service. It is certain that besides CEM other elements such as finance, risk management, supply chain management play an important role. However, the key factor that draws the customers to the stores and make them become a loyal customer is an effective CEM.


Hello everybody,

Today, I am going to talk about #SolitudeChallenge. In this challenge, my task is to disconnect high technology such as laptop, internet, mobile phones, tablets, and the like.. to experience a day without social network. I am very excited, or was excited about it, because it looked easy and interesting at first. However, it got more complicated when the day kept dragging on forever.

When I was alone without the internet connection, I felt very confused and a little bit lost, because all my friends and connection are basically in the mobile phone. However, when the day kept going on, there are a lot questions appearing in my mind. What if the current world were like without social media and mobile phone? What would happen to the society and the humanity? Would people become happier? Would work become less efficient without this high technology?

There are a lot of debates around the discussion of the relation between society and social media. My parents used to tell me about his childhood life when he and the kids in the neighborhood played “tac lon”, “ban bi”, “bit mat tron tim”, “banh dua”, etc. All of these activities do not cost a big sum of money to play and the kids would get together to play them. With the growth of social media, the gap between person and person is getting closer. Yet, the closeness is virtual. It is a must to acknowledge that social media has shortened the way from one person to another person, but these interaction is not real. What would happen to our lives if social media and mobile phone do not happen in the first place? Let’s take a look at this video.

However, the world without social media, definitely, is a different world, but not a better world. Social media creates many jobs. With the emergence of Facebook, this social media platform has created more than 200,000 jobs per year in the U.S. Thanks to the expansion of the internet, unemployment is easier to solved. The internet has provided us an unlimited access to knowledge. Without the internet, the world would be quieter and smaller. There were no parades, demonstrations, occupiers. However, it is for certain that the knowledge would be more restricted. It may take more than 30 years for the collapse of a dictatorship system in some countries. If there were internet in the past, the cruelty of Nazis would be displayed publicly. This human genocide massacre would be ended sooner. There would be less people dying in vain.