What are 3 things that make me go to the coffee shop?

If I can name things that make me want to go to a specific coffee shop, the list would be endless. Therefore, to make the lists short, easy to read and full of content at the same time, I will limit the reasons to 3. There are attaching images of the wonderful coffee shop that I traveled to so that you won’t get bored while reading it.

Have you ever wondered while there is a specific spot that is so memorable, that every time your friend needs a recommendation about an interesting place to go, you always recommend that place? Maybe there are a lot things come to your mind: interior design, music, good service, nice whip cream, etc. All of these reasons are all part of first impression.

First impression is extremely important. A good impression will boost up your brand image and maximize added value. When I go to different places and experience the variety of coffee shops, I get to know that impression comes from great passion of the coffee shop owner. Starbucks gives me a sense of vintage and comfort. Angel-in-us has a modernized feeling. Highland coffee is a high-end place, which makes me feel confident and proud of myself. Yet, these places are corporate coffee business. A self-owned coffee shop, in my opinion, is different. It is more passionate to me. Many privately owned coffee shops have their own unique style, theme and atmosphere as well as their own recipes. In contrast to corporate coffee shops, these privately owned business win the customers by their first impressions.

Do you think that first impression is important to open a business?

Do you think that first impression is important to open a business?

One of the things that makes your business memorable is the big buzz around the community. In this case, social media comes in handy. Now, there are a lot of methods to use to approach the new customers: word of mouth, leaflet, brochure, online social media platform. At first, it is always better to understand the target market before launching a marketing plan strategy. Advertising the coffee house business online is a great way to start. Usually, I use TripAdvisor to search for a great coffee place to visit when I travel to a new area. For those who don’t know about TripAdvisor, TripAdvisor is “Unbiased hotel reviews, photos and travel advice for hotels and vacations – Compare prices with just one click.” TripAdvisor is a great tool to advertise your coffee business. The information regarding advertising in TripAdvisor is here.

Last but not least, I always felt that good service is what keep the customers stay and recommend the business to their peers. Don’t you think that good service doesn’t always limit in the way the employees treat the customers? Good services can translate to a nice heart in the customer’s latte, clean environment, a friendly smile from the employees to the customers, good feeling when the customers leave the shop, etc. It is not biased to say that you know immediately that the shop offer good service when you enter the store, because everything is a representation of perfect and tres bien inside the store.

A perfect Tiramisu means good service

A perfect Tiramisu means good service

All in all, the 3 things that keep me coming over and over at a coffee shop are: first impression, popularity and good service. From a customer point of view, I hope this article helps you – as an entrepreneur – find out the critical information that makes your business differentiate from others, and as a customer – share the nice experience together.



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