About me

Hello everybody,

As you can see, this is a blog about coffee house. This blog is a dedication to all coffee house lovers in the world. To many, the most pleasurable moments are to have a great time in the coffee house, have a sip of hot chocolate in the cold winter while have fun with friends and make small talks. I am also not an exception who are love to make a squeal over a cute little cupcake kiosk.

For many reasons, I fall in love with the coffee house. It also became my dream to build a successful business chain of cute little small houses all over the world. I hope that through this blog I can bring my passion and positive view about coffee house to other people and inspire them to own a business one day.

It is going to be a weekly updated blog about my reviews, my thoughts about coffee house throughout the world. The information I have is from the travels I have had over the past years, from the coffee houses which are near my house to the ones that are popular such as Starbucks, Gloria Jean’s Coffee. All of those made such a great experience to me. And I am glad that through this blog I can share those information to you guys.

It is for sure that the blog does not only limit to my knowledge about coffee houses but it is also about great ideology, concept, design of coffee houses that I can’t wait to put those information out just for the thrill of all the coffee house lovers.

Last but not least, hope you have a great time reading my blog. Also, I hope that you can find your own true passion and create a great business one day.

From Ping Ping with love❣


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